Month: June 2018

Dermal Fillers Help Celebrities Look Naturally Beautiful

Celebrities with dermal fillers don’t always admit that they’ve had cosmetic treatment. Having “work done” is still hush-hush in Hollywood, despite the wide acceptance and popularity of surgical and nonsurgical cosmetic treatments. Fortunately, some of today’s biggest stars aren’t afraid to open up about their experiences with facial fillers. And if you ask us here at Beauty Now …

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Sculptra® Aesthetic Is Nature’s Little Helper

When you come in for Sculptra® Aesthetic treatments, you’re actually just giving nature a hand in restoring a full, youthful face. Sculptra® Aesthetic stimulates your body to help restore age-related facial volume loss, giving you a long-lasting, naturally beautiful result. This cosmetic injectable is ideal for restoring fullness to many parts of the face, including smile lines, hollow temples, sagging jowls and …

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