About Kybella®

Kybella® is an innovative injectable medication that targets the jawline and under-chin area to address unwanted fullness. As the only injectable approved by the FDA for the treatment of fat below the chin, Kybella® can provide men with an improved, more youthful profile.

Injections of Kybella® can permanently eliminate excess fat under the chin. When injected under the jawline, the medication destroys fat cells. And once the cells are destroyed, they’re unable to store or accumulate fat. So men can expect that no further treatment will be necessary.

The active ingredient in Kybella® is a synthetic form of deoxycholic acid, a molecule that the body naturally produces to break down and absorb fat. The results of Kybella® injections are gradual, granting men the opportunity to have treatment without a drastic change in appearance, which could prompt questions from friends and co-workers.

Dr. Mobley recommends Kybella® for men who are self-conscious of, embarrassed by or otherwise unhappy with their under-chin fat. A double chin or sagging jowls can make men look older or heavier than they actually are, and Kybella® can provide an effective, permanent solution.

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Contour Your Jawline

Double chins and sagging jowls are unfortunately common in men. Aging, genetics and weight gain can each play a part in creating this fullness. Getting rid of the excess under-chin fat can pose a significant challenge, even with a proper diet and regular exercise.

Kybella® works to contour the jawline in men with moderate to severe fat below the chin and can be helpful in treating early sagging jowls. Treatment typically involves multiple injections, but the procedure is practically painless, due to the tiny needle used. Getting Kybella® injections requires only a brief office visit — Dr. Mobley and the Beauty Now team can typically complete treatment in less than 20 minutes.

Most men need more than one injection session to eradicate a double chin or sagging jowls. Typically, two to four sessions are necessary, but Dr. Mobley tailors treatment to the amount of submental fullness present and the patient’s desired facial profile.

After Kybella® treatment, men report an improvement in self-perception and self-confidence, and these injections help them look younger and feel happier about their facial appearance.

Kybella® Costs

A professional consultation with Dr. Mobley is necessary to determine the exact costs of Kybella® treatment, as each patient has different needs and preferences.

Kybella® is priced by the vial, and each costs about $600. Some patients require only one vial to complete their treatment, but men with a greater amount of submental fullness may need up to three vials to achieve the desired results.

In addition, the number of treatment sessions varies. Most men need more than a single Kybella® session to erase a double chin or treat sagging jowls. On average, most of Dr. Mobley’s male patients opt for three treatments spaced about six to eight weeks apart.

Kybella® injections are safe and effective. Treatment from Dr. Mobley and the skilled Beauty Now master aestheticians can help you get rid of excess under-chin fat and provide a more contoured jawline. Contact us today to schedule a consultation to learn more about Kybella® treatment for men.