Advice for Before, During and After Chemical Peels, Part 2


In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some general tips for preparing yourself for an upcoming chemical peel appointment. Chemical peels, which can be done either in stand-alone appointments or in a series of visits, are valuable targeted skincare solutions that bring stunning, lasting results.

At Beauty Now, we’re proud to offer several chemical peel systems and options for our clients. Whether you’re coming for a single appointment or one within a series of visits, let’s spend this part two of our series talking about what you can expect both during and after your visit to our offices – including a few tips for ensuring you take the right steps to maintain lasting, quality results after a chemical peel.
before during after chemical peels

Expectations During Chemical Peels

In advance of your appointment, you’ll have spent time discussing your chemical peel options with your med spa professionals. We offer ViPeel, Obagi Blue Peel RADIANCE peels, and several other options that might fit your specific skin type or needs.

When you arrive for your appointment, you’ll be told to lie face-up on a designated surface. While doing so, your skin expert will apply the peel material, and will usually remain in the room during the drying process to confirm everything is going well and you don’t have any adverse reactions. You may feel some burning or tingling sensations in your face as the solution dries, but this is normal and due to the acidic nature of many of these products. How much discomfort you actually feel will vary from person to person, but even those with sensitive skin have options available that will not be overly painful and will accomplish a high level of results.

Post-Chemical Peel Knowledge and Approaches

Here are some general facts and tips for the period of days and weeks immediately following a chemical peel, an important time period for following through with skin care and getting the most out of your peel:

  • Skin peeling: As the treatment’s name suggests, the week to 10 days following your appointment will involve the skin peeling. How long this lasts will depend on everything from your skin type to the chemical peel option you select. Deeper peels with phenol involved will take a week to 10 days, while lower-depth peels may take a bit less time. Generally speaking, this peeling will begin about three days after the appointment – if you notice it immediately afterward, this could be an issue, so contact your specialist.
  • Skin care: We recommend using a gentle cleanser and light treatments for the skin in the days after a chemical peel. Various extracts will help keep the skin hydrated and protected from any irritation. Some people also utilize stem cell and light therapy treatments post-chemical peel.
  • Sun and heat protection: Chemical peels help exfoliate the skin, but major sun exposure can cause major risks to the process. The skin is at high risk of sun damage during its delicate state after a chemical peel, so be sure to use broad-spectrum SPF sunscreen to protect it. In addition, do everything you can to keep the skin cool and comfortable – avoid extremely hot water on the face and avoid hot showers for a few days at least.

For more on what to expect before, during and after a chemical peel, or to learn about any of our medical spa services, speak to the staff at Beauty Now today.

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