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Dynamic facial wrinkles are part of our expressive nature, they are caused by natural animation of the face, and in fact, even babies have dynamic facial wrinkles. However, as we get older, these wrinkles can become static facial wrinkles, wrinkles that, while caused by a natural expression, become etched into our facial skin. Most commonly found around the eyes (crow’s feet) or in the forehead area (elevens), these wrinkles can make us look tired, sometimes angry, and take away our youthful appearance. Fortunately, Dr. Mobley and his Beauty Now team have the solution.

Upon scheduling a consultation, you will meet with one of our Beauty Now professionals to personally discuss the latest treatment options that are best for you. Beauty Now’s Medical Director, Steven R. Mobley, MD has been actively practicing Facial Plastic Surgery since 2001. (Do your own research and you will be surprised to learn how many med-spa medical directors are specialists in fields that have little to do with aesthetic facial appearance.) As a lifelong dedicated facial specialist, Dr. Mobley has performed thousands of these injections making him and his Beauty Now team the ideal providers to identify and perform the best treatments for you. At Beauty Now we learn your face and curate custom injection plans to meet your specific cosmetic goals.

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We believe that excellence in aesthetic beauty and wellness begins with a top-notch team. The Beauty Now Team utilizes all of the latest neuromodulators including Botox and Dysport. Schedule a consultation today and begin the journey to a wrinkle-free, younger look. Contact Beauty Now today to learn more. We perform all types of cosmetic treatments on Salt Lake City area clients, including dermal fillers, IPL, chemical peels, microneedling and more.

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