Cosmetic Cheek & Under-Eye Filler


Cosmetic cheek and under-eye fillers are the perfect way to get those high, well-defined cheekbones you love and banish tired-looking eyes, fine lines and wrinkles.

Dermal fillers help you restore the facial volume that time has taken away — or that nature never gave you. For the cheeks and under-eye areas, these advanced products produce exceptional results that are both natural-looking and long-lasting.

At Beauty Now, our expert team of cosmetic treatment professionals can help you achieve the look you want without expensive, invasive cosmetic surgery.

Many patients believe they have bags under their eyes, but a closer examination sometimes reveals the true problem to be a loss of volume along the lower eye bone that gives the appearance of bags. This lack of volume on the eye bone is easily corrected with cosmetic under-eye fillers.

Hollowing under the eyes, sometimes called tear trough formation, is responsible for the dark circles that make us look old and tired. Injecting a cosmetic under-eye filler can instantly banish these hollows and restore a smooth, youthful appearance. Many patients will also see a reduction in the appearance of dark circles under the eyes, because the dark circles are, in reality, just shadows in the volume-deficient areas along the lower eye bone area.

The eyes are more prone to premature aging than other areas of the face, due to the loss of collagen and elastin in the skin. As everything from smiling to sun exposure can add to these challenges, a cosmetic under-eye filler treatment is the perfect way to counteract nature and time. Also, at Beauty Now, often combining under eye fillers with other technologies such as laser treatments or chemical peels can give a powerful 1-2 beauty boost to the sensitive crepe-paper like lower eye skin area.

Cosmetic Cheek Fillers

You don’t have to be born with perfectly plump, high cheekbones. Neither do you have to undergo invasive facial plastic surgery for cheek augmentation. Instead, you can achieve this red-carpet look quickly and affordably with injectable dermal fillers.

Everyone knows that apple-bottom cheeks are a key feature of an attractive and youthful face. Not only can a cheek filler treatment restore lost volume and youthful appearance, but it can also give you that cheekbone definition you simply cannot achieve with makeup alone.

Your skin will look tighter, smoother and more youthful. For many patients, a cheek filler can even lessen the appearance of laugh lines around the mouth. Your friends and family might ask if you changed your hairstyle or wonder if you just returned from a restful vacation. But you will know the real secret was a quick appointment for a cosmetic cheek filler treatment.

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