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About DermaSweep Facials

The revolutionary DermaSweep facial treatment system combines micro-resurfacing technology with cutting-edge skin fusions to make your skin beautiful.

The Mobley MD Beauty Now team is proud to offer this one-of-a-kind skin treatment at our world-class facial aesthetics facility in Murray, Utah. DermaSweep turns back time for your skin, melting away fine lines, wrinkles and even acne scars.

If you’ve ever wondered how the stars who walk the red carpet manage to look so fresh, young and rejuvenated, DermaSweep treatments are their secret weapon.

Derma Sweeps Facials

Skin Conditions We Treat

The Beauty Now team of Mobley MD loves the DermaSweep facial treatment system because it provides a highly effective approach for all types of skin concerns.

Scarring from acne, surgery and stretch marks are no match for micro-resurfacing. Our SkinFusions can be customized to treat acne and clogged pores, dry and dehydrated skin, and even hyperpigmentation and irregular brown patches, or melasma.

Enlarged pores are a common concern that we address for our patients, as well as blackhead and blemish removal. SkinFusions are as effective for treating oily skin as they are for dry skin, because we customize your facial treatment specifically for your skin type and concerns.


Loved my experience! I have always been nervous to try a new place from where I went previously! However, the amazing experience I had here, this is now my new and only place! Sheila and the staff are absolutely amazing! You won’t regret it.

Alexis S.

I wish I could give a higher rating than 5 stars!! Sheila is the absolute best! She knows her stuff. I feel super comfortable when I’m there and I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my face! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Brittany W.

Kandice waxed my eyebrows and did facials for me for years. She’s absolutely the best!!! I trust her skills and she has a great personality as well.

Shannon H.

Kandice is knowledgeable and experienced. She isn’t pushy, but offers suggestions that fit with the direction I give. So many places PUSH you, but she really listens to my desired outcome and helps me get there. Safe, clean, and friendly, with great prices too!

Erica P.

"The results of my procedures far exceeded my expectations. Dr. Mobley and his staff provided world-class service. I made the right decision by trusting this team. I had such a great experience - they are competent, compassionate and fun!"

Margie K.

"We appreciate all the staff and nurses who took such great care of us. I would and will recommend Dr. Mobley over and over again!"

Jina C.

Frequently Asked Questions

How DermaSweep Works?

Unlike traditional dermabrasion treatments, which typically use abrasive crystals to blast away the top layers of skin, DermaSweep takes a much more subtle approach. Don’t confuse subtle with ineffective, however. DermaSweep is actually more effective than other treatments, and gentle enough to be used on sensitive skin and even around the eye area.

Using an exclusive bristle-tip system, our micro-resurfacing treatments begin with an exfoliation.

You’ll enjoy instant rejuvenation, with improved radiance, tone and texture. Imperfections disappear and your natural collagen production is stimulated. DermaSweep improves skin circulation as well, facilitating lymphatic drainage and increased oxygenation.

The DermaSweep facials’ SkinFusions, the third pillar of this treatment system, continues the rejuvenation process by targeting your specific conditions and concerns.

What type of results can I expect?

This amazing treatment program does for your skin what a great workout program does for your body.

In just 30-45 pain-free minutes, you won’t believe the difference in the way your skin looks and feels, even after just one facial. For more profound and lasting results, we recommend four to six treatments, spaced about two weeks apart each.

When you follow our technicians’ recommendations for your home care regimen, you will see more amazing results. Hyperpigmentation continues to fade, and scars and stretch marks vanish. And all that’s left behind is your healthy, radiant skin. And, unlike traditional dermabrasion treatments, you can enjoy a relaxing DermaSweep facial on your lunch hour and return to work feeling cool and refreshed, with no side effects or unsightly discoloration.

Mobley MD’s Beauty Now team combines the artistry of Dr. Mobley with our master aesthetician and cosmetic injection specialist. The result is a naturally beautiful, more radiant you.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation at our Murray, Utah, facility. We look forward to introducing you to our exclusive suite of services and sharing how the DermaSweep facial treatment can change your life.

How much DermaSweep cost?

One DermaSweep treatment sells for $200 without infusion, and $250 with serum infusion.

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We look forward to introducing you to our exclusive suite of services and sharing how the DermaSweep facial treatment can change your life.

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