For many people, the removal of scar tissue from several major areas, including the face, makes a big difference when it comes to appearance and self-esteem. Scars can form on the skin for several reasons, and they’re often unsightly and may even increase the signs of aging.

At Beauty Now, we’re proud to offer several services that reduce scarring, including acne scars, scars from injuries, even from a previous surgery. Our favorite treatment to reduce scarring is microneedling, which is a skin rejuvenation treatment to help give your skin a youthful appearance. Let’s briefly go over how scars form on the skin, how microneedling can help, as well as some tips on whether microneedling is the right procedure for your needs.

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The Skin and Scarring

Scars on any part of your skin actually represent your body’s natural response to damage or injury to that area. In many cases, the damage is relatively minor, only affecting the top layer of skin and nothing more – and scars may form temporarily, only to give way to fresh, new skin after the wound has properly healed.

In other cases, however, scarring may be more significant, penetrating below the first layer of skin, forming a reddish or pink area that signifies stronger damage. Over time, scars that remain in this form may turn lighter or darker than nearby skin – this often happens for acne scars, injury scars, post-surgery scars or within a few other common situations.

How Microneedling Helps With Scarring

Microneedling, also called collagen induction therapy, is a cosmetic treatment that actually mimics a small part of the body’s natural healing process to the kind of skin injuries described above. During this treatment, small wounds are created in the skin with the goal of triggering the body’s natural processes, creating more elastin and collagen in the skin. This production of elastin and collagen allows for significantly scarred areas, including acne scars, to be diminished through better healing.

Is Microneedling Right For You?

For the vast majority of people, microneedling is a suitable treatment that does not pose any significant risks. The only major exception here will be anyone who is dealing with an active skin infection, or even a significant acne breakout, in the area set to be treated – in these cases, microneedling may actually exacerbate the issue, and should be postponed until the condition is cleared up using other treatment methods. Once this has happened, however, you can reschedule microneedling at your convenience.

For more on how microneedling helps with scarring, or to learn about any of our dermal fillers, laser skin resurfacing treatments or other cosmetic surgery procedures, speak to the staff at Beauty Now today.