Benefits of Laser Hair Removal Over Traditional Methods


As those who have been doing it for years can tell you, regularly removing bodily hair from desired areas can be a real hassle. Whether you shave, wax or receive other professional services, these take time, cost money and often cause significant discomfort.

At Beauty Now, we’re here to offer a solution: Laser hair removal, one of many med spa services we offer in our offices. These services, which utilize low-level lasers to target hair follicles and impede their ability to regrow hair, are both simple and long-lasting, with far more permanent effects than any other form of hair removal. Let’s look at several of the specific benefits of laser hair removal compared with other methods.

benefits laser hair removal methods

No Pre-Growth Requirements

For starters, the lead-up process to laser hair removal isn’t as involved as other systems. With many other hair removal programs, you have to first grow the hair in the area in question to a certain length, allowing for effective removal.

With laser hair removal, there’s simply no need for this. Our lasers can target hair follicles regardless of their length, and in fact often do best when the area is shaved to begin with, meaning you don’t have to take the time and endure the embarrassment of growing your hair out in advance in an area where you don’t want it.

Comfort and Convenience

Unlike certain other forms of hair removal, waxing in particular, laser hair removal does not hurt or make you uncomfortable. There’s no irritation or razor burn, and you won’t be left with annoying and potentially painful ingrown hairs.

On top of this, laser hair removal is quick and convenient. While it may take you more than one treatment to achieve permanent results, treatments are straightforward and will allow you to return to the rest of your day with no limitations once they’re finished.

Cost Efficiency

While laser hair removal might cost more than a single waxing appointment, the long-term costs here aren’t really comparable. The average person might go through hundreds or even thousands of waxes over their lifetime if they choose this route and regularly want hair removed from certain areas – after three-to-seven laser hair removal treatments, however, you’ll be permanently hair-free in the area and will never have to pay for waxing appointments again. The money this will save you in the long run is not to be ignored, as it can potentially add up to massive sums.

Great Results

Finally, maybe the best part of laser hair removal is how well it works. Once you’ve accomplished the requisite number of appointments, hair follicles are destroyed and will not return. A very small percentage of people may see very minor hair regrowth in the area, but the hair will be much less coarse and dense – and can be removed permanently with some follow-up treatments.

For more on the benefits of laser hair removal, or to learn about any of our Botox, Kybella or other medical spa services, speak to the staff at Beauty Now today.

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