Botox or Brow Lift: Which is Right for Me?

At Beauty Now Laser & Skin Aesthetics, we’re more than just a provider of cosmetic and aesthetic treatments. We work closely with you to identify your ideal youthful look and give you recommendations for how to achieve it.

Those dealing with signs of aging on the face such as lines and drooping eyebrows have two main choices: Botox or brow lift? We provide both services, but how do you know which is better for you?

Botox or brow lift

Basic Functions

First approved for public use in 2002, Botox is perhaps the most well-known cosmetic product on the market today. It’s an injection that helps relax muscles by preventing them from receiving signals from the nerves. It’s perfect for treating lines on the face, including forehead wrinkles and crow’s feet, which form due to repeated movements and muscle fatigue.

A brow lift, on the other hand, is a surgical procedure. A surgeon trims away excess skin, muscle and fat from the forehead or eyebrow area. This can be done using traditional large incisions, but modern methods using smaller incisions and a guiding camera are becoming more popular. Brow lifts are often the choice for patients who want a more dramatic result than Botox can provide.


Because one procedure is a surgery and the other is not, brow lifts and Botox come with different levels of preparation. Botox patients have little to do — you might need to avoid taking aspirin or other blood-thinning medications a few days in advance to reduce the risk of bruising, but that’s about it.

A brow lift requires more preparation. You will have to meet with your surgeon and discuss your medical history, along with any medications you’re taking. Your doctor may also tell you to give up smoking in advance of surgery.


Similarly, recovery takes longer for brow lifts than for Botox. In most cases, Botox patients have no downtime at all — you can go right home or back to work after your injection. Brow lifts may take up to two weeks to heal, and you may have to limit certain activities for even longer.

Lasting Results

Botox is excellent for helping reduce the appearance of lines and crow’s feet, but it won’t provide the same results as a brow lift. Those with significant drooping skin are usually better off with a brow lift. Brow lifts also last longer — Botox lasts between one and three months, while brow lifts last several years at minimum. People who have had brow lifts also find that there’s no “surgical” look after; instead, you are left with simply a rejuvenated appearance.

For more on choosing between Botox and a brow lift or for information on any of our cosmetic treatments, speak to the staff at Beauty Now Laser & Skin Aesthetics today.

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