Debunking Common Dermal Filler Myths

At Beauty Now, our aesthetic professionals offer a variety of dermal filler procedures to help fight the effects of aging. There are several injectable products on the market, all of which can help you achieve a smoother, fuller facial appearance.

Unfortunately, a number of major misconceptions have arisen over the years regarding dermal fillers, their uses and their effectiveness. We want to correct several of the most common myths out there about dermal fillers and set you straight as you’re considering your options.

debunking dermal filler myths

Myth #1: They’re the Same as Botox

Dermal fillers and Botox treatments are both performed using injections, but that’s about where the similarities end. Botox impacts underlying facial muscles, reducing their ability to contract strongly and cause deep facial lines. Beauty Now performs thousands of Botox (and Dysport) injections every year.

Dermal fillers, on the other hand, add volume to the face and plump up the skin. As a general rule, a plump face is a young face, whereas a deflated face looks older. Dermal fillers can assist with everything from plumping up thin lips to filling wrinkles and improving the appearance of scars. They can even be used to enhance the jawline in some patients. Men, especially, can benefit from jawline enhancement. Many patients choose dermal fillers because of how versatile they are.

Myth #2: They Only Treat Wrinkles

Dermal fillers have a variety of purposes, and wrinkle removal is just one of them. But on top of their ability to fill in moderate or even severe wrinkles, they can also help other parts of the face. Do you have sunken cheeks, for instance? You may not have realized it, but dermal fillers can help restore their volume and make you look younger and fresher. Also, many of our patients who think they have bags under eyes really just have sunken cheeks. Use a dermal filler, and voila — the “bags” disappear.

Myth #3: They Stop All Facial Expressions

When Botox/Dysport was first used to treat wrinkles, certain unskilled practitioners applied them in ways that caused some patients’ expressions to “freeze.” But modern Botox and Dyspot treatments do not affect your expressions, as long as you have a reputable professional performing them. Dermal fillers have little to no effect on facial expressions and will produce natural-looking results when applied by one of the trained experts at Beauty Now.

Myth #4: They Don’t Last

Many assume dermal fillers and similar treatments will only last briefly. But many fillers, particularly those using hyaluronic acid, will last from six to 12 months in most cases. Others, such as Sculptra, can even last two years or longer. Ask one of our Beauty Now experts about the best treatment plan to fit your facial filler needs.

For more on dermal fillers, or to learn about any of our facial plastic surgery offerings, speak to one of the aesthetic professionals at Beauty Now Med Spa.

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