DermaSweep Facial: A 3-in-1 Approach for Skin Rejuvenation

The DermaSweep facial is an advanced, customizable dermabrasion procedure designed to give you healthy, smooth and younger-looking skin.

Effective, safe and pain-free, DermaSweep is well-suited for patients who have fine lines and wrinkles, hyper-pigmentation, laxity or looseness in the skin or acne scarring. This revolutionary treatment can also refresh facial skin that appears rough, dehydrated or aged.


The innovative DermaSweep procedure uses a cutting-edge, three-pronged approach to target your specific skin care concerns.

Gentle Exfoliation with a DermaSweep Facial

DermaSweep treatments begin with exfoliation. However, unlike other dermabrasion procedures, this resurfacing is gentle enough for sensitive skin, thanks to an exclusive bristle-tip system.

The DermaSweep wand can be fitted with an assortment of treatment tips, allowing the aesthetician to customize your treatment for optimal results.

The exfoliation is performed using the adjustable vacuum action of the DermaSweep wand, designed to clean the pores and gently lift away the top layers of dead skin. Facial imperfections are swept away, and the tone and texture of the skin are virtually transformed.

The DermaSweep Facial Increases Circulation

Once the desired level of exfoliation has been reached, we massage skin-specific infusions — called SkinFusions — into the face.

The nutrients in these in infusions are delivered quickly to stimulate blood flow and provide an increase in oxygenation. This fast-action massage also encourages collagen formation, helping to firm and tone your skin.

Increased circulation is yet another benefit of the DermaSweep facial procedure, as healthy skin can better resist bacteria and infection. And improving oxygenation encourages a smooth, glowing complexion.

DermaSweep Facial SkinFusions Target Your Specific Concerns

DermaSweep SkinFusions are formulated to treat specific skin conditions. We can address your unique concerns using a mix of these exclusive, paraben-free infusions. Three categories of SkinFusions are available in a DermaSweep facial treatment:

  1. EpiFusions address pigmentation needs, such as lightening and brightening. Dehydrated and rough skin texture can also be targeted with these infusions.
  2. PremiumFusions treat aging and damaged skin using scientifically proven ingredients. Among the active ingredients in these proprietary DermaSweep SkinFusions are revitalizing DNA-repair enzymes, age-reversing growth factors, transformative peptides, restorative hyaluronic acid and collagen-boosting vitamin C.
  3. PeelFusions function like traditional chemical peels, penetrating the skin to leave the face looking younger and refreshed. But because of the advanced infusion delivery system, results are achieved faster, with less peeling and flaking.

The entire procedure, from exfoliation to skin infusion application, takes about 45 minutes. That means you can enjoy this revolutionary skin rejuvenation cosmetic treatment on your lunch hour.

The professional aestheticians of the Beauty Now team, a part of the Mobley MD Utah Facial Plastic Surgery network, can design an effective treatment plan just for you, to target all of your skin concerns. Based in Salt Lake City, we serve clients throughout northern Utah. Contact us today to schedule your DermaSweep facial consultation.

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