Fun Facts About Laser Resurfacing

There have been numerous modern technological developments that have done wonders for the treatment of the skin, and lasers are just one of these. Laser skin treatments can be used for everything from clearing up wrinkles to preventing aging signs, with great results that have only become better as technology has improved.

At Beauty Now Laser & Skin Aesthetics, we have a number of laser treatments available, including our Venus Versa photofacial that uses pulse technology to help fade out some of the signs of aging. Here are a few important facts about laser skin resurfacing treatments and how they might be able to benefit you.

laser resurfacing facts

Multiple Laser Types and Treatments

In today’s modern times, there are several laser options available depending on the kind of treatment you need. These can range from relatively minor to more involved treatments for those who require them. The exact offerings here will vary by provider, but a broad look at some of the laser types available:

  • Ablative treatments: This is a laser type that involves the intentional resurfacing of the top layer of skin. This encourages the skin to produce new, healthy skin cells. This is a common type of treatment for those dealing with deeper wrinkles or other texture issues on the skin that they want to smooth out.
  • Fractional laser treatments: Rather than resurface the entire skin surface, fractional laser treatments treat small pixel areas of the skin, leaving untreated sections of skin right next to treated areas. These small islands of untreated skin allow the entire skin surface to recover more quickly. There’s less resurfacing to the entire epidermis with a fractioned laser – instead, the laser stimulates collagen production in the skin.
  • Microlaser peel: A less invasive treatment meant for people with hyperpigmentation, fine lines or just small amounts of sun damage.

Discomfort, Not Pain

Our IPL Treatments are generally done in under 30 minutes, and with minimal to no pain. Some patients report minor discomfort in the days or weeks following treatments, but we can provide pain medications or ointments to sooth the skin and help improve recovery time. We’ll also provide you with simple directions on how to clean and care for skin regularly. If you’re having one of our more involved laser procedures, we may give you a topical numbing agent so you feel close to no pain at all.

Limited Recovery Time

Recovery time will vary by the exact treatment you get, but they’re generally very limited or even nonexistent. You may spend a few days with a different skin appearance, but our IPL Treatments come with basically no downtime. More involved laser treatments, such as our CO2 laser resurfacing option, will come with a few more days of downtime – we’ll inform you of this well in advance, though, so you have time to prepare. You may be told not to smoke, to avoid sunlight, or to always wear sunscreen when going outside for a few weeks.

For more facts about laser skin resurfacing, or to learn about any of our medical spa services, speak to the staff at Beauty Now Laser & Skin Aesthetics today.

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