How Dermal Fillers Help with Acne Scars

For most who have experience with them, dermal fillers are known for the way they rejuvenate and moisturize the face. Fillers like Restylane and others are often perfect for people who have lost fullness in their face and need a cosmetic solution.

At Beauty Now, we offer a wide range of dermal fillers for clients with a variety of needs. One area where many of our clients have been finding enormous success using dermal fillers is with acne scars. How can dermal fillers help reduce the appearance of acne scars?
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Acne Scar Types

There are five broad types of acne scars:

  • Rolling acne scars: Scars that depress the skin in a wave-like pattern

  • Ice pick acne scars: Narrow, thin scars that leave pits in the skin

  • Hypertrophic acne scars: Raised scars that sit above the surface of the skin

  • Keloid acne scars: Similar to hypertrophic scars, but with additional extension even beyond the original boundaries of the blemish

  • Boxcar acne scars: Similar in appearance to chicken pox, these scars form a small indent in the skin

While dermal fillers can help all five types, rolling scars generally respond best. On the flip side, boxcar scars might be tougher for dermal fillers to impact. Your cosmetic specialist can help explain when a dermal filler is the best choice (options like microneedling or chemical peels may also help in some cases).

Short-Term Dermal Filler Benefits

Dermal fillers are made with hyaluronic acid, one of the strongest natural moisturizers available. It can bind at up to 1,000 times its liquid weight, benefitting the skin in several ways. It occurs naturally in the body, but production tends to slow as we age — and that’s where dermal fillers come in.

In terms of acne scars, a prominent benefit of using a dermal filler is the short downtime. Dermal fillers help minimize the appearance of scars and improve skin texture. You’ll see results almost immediately and in most cases, you can return to work or other responsibilities on the same day as your treatment. You will continue to see improvement over the next several months. Another major benefit is the long-lasting nature of these treatments — most patients notice results that last between several months and a year.

Long-Term Dermal Filler Benefits

On top of smoothing the skin’s surface, dermal fillers accomplish another important task: Breaking up scar tissue itself. They also help the skin produce extra collagen, which decreases the appearance of acne scars. When done correctly, this process allows you to undergo fewer and fewer such treatments as you age.

For more on how dermal fillers can help with acne scars, or to learn about any of our cosmetic or surgical treatments, speak to the staff at Beauty Now today.

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