Invited to a Botox® Party? Send Your Regrets!

At first glance, going to a Botox® party might seem like a great idea. Smooth out your wrinkles and get a more youthful facial appearance as you socialize with friends — what’s not to like?

Unfortunately, quite a lot.

Botox® is an effective, low-risk cosmetic treatment, but only when recommended and administered by a highly trained and duly authorized medical expert in a safe, sterile environment. So you can see why getting injections at someone’s home could be a recipe for disaster.

botox party


If you’re invited to a Botox® party, play it safe and send your regrets.

You Won’t Get a Full Consultation

Before getting Botox® injections, you need a professional evaluation. Like any cosmetic treatment, Botox® isn’t right for everyone and it may not be the best treatment approach for you. At a party, you won’t have the opportunity for a comprehensive, confidential consultation, and that means you may not discuss important details that could affect your results.

You Won’t Know the Credentials of the Injector

At a Botox® party, the injector could be anyone, including someone who is not trained or qualified to administer this treatment. You could find yourself at the mercy of someone who doesn’t know about safe dosing or precisely where to inject the Botox®. Getting cosmetic treatment from an untrained and inexperienced injector dramatically increases the risk of complications.

You Won’t Know Whether the Product Is Really Botox

When you attend a Botox® party, you have no way of knowing what product you are being injected with. This is one of the biggest threats of home cosmetic treatment parties.

The injector might not be using genuine Botox® Cosmetic. The medication could be expired or not have been kept at the right temperature to ensure its safety.

You Won’t Be in a Medical Environment

Even if the Botox® party host thoroughly cleaned their home, a house isn’t a sanitary, hygienic space. Complications are more likely to occur outside of a medical environment, and if something goes wrong, no one will be on hand to provide emergency care.

Also, it’s probably safe to assume that the homeowners insurance won’t provide liability coverage, leaving you with little or no recourse should something go wrong.

You Might Feel Pressured into Cosmetic Treatment

Peer pressure is part of a Botox® party. The injector may offer sales incentives to the hostess, so you might find yourself being coaxed into getting this cosmetic treatment. Your friends may pile on, urging you to go ahead and get the Botox® injections — and the pressure can be difficult to resist.

For most people, attending a Botox® party isn’t worth the risks. No single cosmetic treatment is right for everyone, and Botox® injections might not be the best way to smooth out your wrinkles. Plus, if the injector doesn’t have the proper skill and qualifications, the procedure could result in serious complications.

Instead, schedule a consultation with a trained and licensed professional with expertise in Botox® injections. If you’re in northern Utah, the Beauty Now team at Mobley MD Facial Plastic Surgery can help you explore your cosmetic treatment options. And if Botox® is recommended, you’ll be in good hands. We’ve performed thousands of injections and our world-class facility was designed, built and outfitted to ensure your safety at all times.

Don’t take chances with your cosmetic treatments. Contact Beauty Now Laser & Skin Aesthetics in Salt Lake City today to schedule a professional evaluation for Botox® injections.

NOTE: The information provided here is of a general nature and is not intended to substitute for personal advice from an experienced cosmetic surgeon, nurse injector or master aesthetician.

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