Non-Surgical Cosmetic Treatments for Sun-Damaged Skin

Non-surgical cosmetic treatments, when performed by a skilled aesthetic artist, can work wonders for erasing skin damage caused by years of exposure to the sun’s harmful rays.

No matter how diligent you have been about wearing sunscreen, your skin can still suffer sun damage over time. Premature lines and wrinkles, freckles, uneven pigmentation, age spots and sagging skin are all evidence that the sun is not your friend.


You don’t have to live with your sun-damaged skin, though. Instead, consider rejuvenating your appearance with a safe, effective non-surgical cosmetic treatment.

Reverse Sun Damage with a Chemical Peel

Dr. Mobley frequently recommends chemical peel cosmetic treatments for patients whose skin has suffered sun damage.

Chemical peels work by using either a synthetic or natural solution to remove the damaged outer layers of skin to reveal the new surface underneath. If your level of sun damage is slight, a superficial peel may suffice. For skin that has suffered more extensively under the rays of the sun, a medium or deep peel may be recommended.

Most patients in overall good health are candidates for these non-surgical cosmetic treatments.

Laser Resurfacing for Sun-Damaged Skin

Like chemical peels, laser resurfacing also removes layers of damaged skin. However, instead of using a chemical solution, this cosmetic procedure involves the use of a specialized laser.

For superficial sun damage, Erbium-YAG laser treatment may be appropriate. Deeper wrinkles and more pronounced pigmentation issues may require the use of a Fractionated CO2 laser, as it can penetrate further into the facial surface.

If you are in good general physical health, laser resurfacing is a highly effective way to erase sun damage and improve your complexion. However, as with chemical peels, if your skin tone is darker, you may want to avoid this cosmetic procedure.

Skin Care Products Protect Against Further Sun Damage

If you’re ready to reverse your skin’s sun damage, it is important that you prevent further damage. For this reason, we strongly recommend a home skin care regimen designed for that purpose. Dr. Mobley and the Beauty Now team have found the Skin Better, PCA and Elta MD skin care product lines to be highly effective for our patients.

A good sunscreen is essential, and our trusted sunscreen products provide physical broad-spectrum UVA and UVA protection as well as fractionated melanin to reduce damage from HEV light.

Used in conjunction with other quality skin care products, a quality sunscreen can minimize future sun damage while helping to restore your skin’s natural radiance.

The professional aesthetic artists of the Beauty Now team, a part of the Mobley MD Utah Facial Plastic Surgery network, can help you choose the best options for improving your sun-damaged skin. To learn more about our non-surgical cosmetic treatments, contact our Salt Lake City office today to schedule a personal consultation.

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