If you’ve never tried underarm waxing, you may be missing out.

Tank-top season is right around the corner, and having your armpits waxed is the best way to achieve the smooth skin you need to wear them. Try it once, our clients say, and you’ll never go back to shaving.


Wouldn’t you love to finally put away the razor for good? The benefits of professional underarm waxing may just convince you to give this method of hair removal a try.

Enjoy Smooth Skin for Weeks with Underarm Waxing

With shaving, signs of hair regrowth can be seen in just a day or two. To remain stubble-free, many women must shave every day.

When you have your armpits professionally waxed, however, you’ll be smooth and hair-free for weeks. Depending upon your natural regrowth cycle, waxing results can last for anywhere from two to eight weeks.

Regular waxing also means slower and finer regrowth. So as time goes on, you’ll be able to go longer between appointments. During this time, however, it’s important to avoid shaving. Pick up the razor, and you’ll throw off your hair regrowth cycle — which means that the next time you have your armpits waxed, the results won’t last as long.

Underarm Waxing Doesn’t Cause Skin Irritation

Shaving the delicate underarm area several times per week can be irritating — literally. Razor blades can leave you with rashes, bumps and ingrown hairs. And if you get a nick or cut, you could end up with scars — not to mention a painful, unsightly wound.

With professional underarm waxing, you can say a permanent goodbye to these skin irritations.

And contrary to popular belief, underarm waxing isn’t painful. When a professional aesthetic artist removes hair, the discomfort is minimal. Any soreness, redness or swelling you experience from the waxing procedure will quickly subside.

Underarm Waxing Can Lighten the Skin

A five o’clock shadow can be an attractive look for the right man. But when a woman’s armpits sport dark stubble, the look isn’t quite so appealing.

Shaving can cause the underarm area to appear dark and discolored as soon as a few hours later. Razors remove hair at the surface, but not at the root. And for many women — especially those with darker hair — even hair that’s under the skin is visible. Shaving can also leave an accumulation of dead skin cells behind, which adds to the shadowy look and encourages ingrown hairs.

Having your armpits waxed, on the other hand, removes hair at the root and gets rid of dead skin cells. As a result, the armpit area feels and looks smoother and lighter — no more worries about that not-so-sexy underarm shadow.

Are you ready to ditch the razor? The Beauty Now team, a part of the Mobley MD Utah Facial Plastic Surgery network, offers a range of professional hair-removal services. Call our Salt Lake City office today to schedule your underarm waxing consultation.