Sculptra® Aesthetic Is Nature’s Little Helper

When you come in for Sculptra® Aesthetic treatments, you’re actually just giving nature a hand in restoring a full, youthful face.

Sculptra® Aesthetic Is Nature’s Little Helper

Sculptra® Aesthetic stimulates your body to help restore age-related facial volume loss, giving you a long-lasting, naturally beautiful result. This cosmetic injectable is ideal for restoring fullness to many parts of the face, including smile lines, hollow temples, sagging jowls and sunken cheeks.

What Is Sculptra® Aesthetic?

Sculptra® Aesthetic is a type of facial filler – in a way – designed to restore fullness and volume to the face and provide a more youthful appearance. This product stimulates the body’s natural processes to produce collagen and elastin, gradually restoring natural facial fullness from the inside out.

You can get Sculptra treatment by itself, in combination with other facial fillers, or as a complement to a facelift. In fact, Dr. Mobley often injects this product prior to a facelift, to help to get facial volume in place before he performs the facelift surgery.

How Long Does Sculptra® Treatment Take?

Most patients elect to have a series of treatments over the course of weeks or months. Each treatment takes less than an hour, so you’ll be back on your way in no time at all.

Can I Go Back to Work After Sculptra® Treatment?

Most Beauty Now patients return to work immediately after treatment.

A little swelling is totally normal, especially the day after treatment. Some patients do experience some minor bruising but we will provide detailed instructions to help minimize these effects.

How Long Will the Results of Sculptra® Last?

Results from Sculptra® Aesthetic appear gradually, and most patients need a series of cosmetic injectable treatments over the course of a few months to achieve their desired level of facial volume.

Although results may vary, you can expect the natural-looking results of this injectable will last approximately 18 to 24 months.

Who Will Perform My Sculptra® Treatment?

When you visit Beauty Now, you will consult with our professional aesthetic artists to determine which treatments are right for your needs and goals. Our team has the knowledge and expertise to recommend the right cosmetic injectable to target your specific skin concerns.

For the procedure, you may work directly with Dr. Mobley, if you’re combining facial filler treatment with facial plastic surgery. Otherwise, you can look forward to working with the incredible Kandice Koos, RN MA. Kandice, with more than 15 years of experience in the industry, is our registered nurse injector and master aesthetician.

Is Sculptra® Aesthetic Right for Me?

Only a physician or nurse injector can tell you for sure whether this treatment is appropriate for you. However, in addition to Sculptra® Aesthetic, the Beauty Now team offers a variety of other cosmetic injectables, including Restylane®, Radiesse®, Juvederm and Voluma® XC to meet all your aesthetic needs.

To learn more about how you can conquer age-related facial volume loss with Sculptra®, contact the Beauty Now Team today.

NOTE: The information provided here is of a general nature and is not intended to substitute for personal advice from an experienced cosmetic surgeon, nurse injector or master aesthetician. 


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